Storytime with Stidmama

Chapter Sixty

Written offline on 7 October 2006

In the long ago, nestled in the forests and deep in the waters, stirred a powerful and ancient LOVE.

It waited in the quiet, in-between spaces.

It hovered over the meadows, soaking up the warmth of the sun.

It rolled down slopes and glided up hills.

It sniffed out the lonely spots and kept them company for a bit.

And finally, it rejoiced and gave birth to HOPE.

Hope lingered and then spread out and enveloped the green spaces.

It ran around and over the bare land, the rocky places and the desert with its barren beauty.

It dove deep into the pools and surfaced in the lakes, surfed the ocean waves and snuggled in to the sands on the beaches.

When it was satisfied, it curled itself around the world and celebrated with JOY.

Joy flew through the air, dancing with the gusts and pirouetting on the treetops.

It leapt to the moons and swung along to the stars.

It shimmered in the dawn and excitedly explored the corners at dusk.

Finally, it settled down like a blanket over the land and water and hugged it.

The world was born, and time began.

And so, whenever a child was born to the people of the mountains and hollows, the plains, the coasts or the islands, celebrations were held and the treble blessing of Love, Hope and Joy were bestowed.

And at every betrothal, the happy couple were joined in Love, in Hope and in Joy.

And at every burial, the body was planted in the ground, or set adrift on the waters, or laid on the pyre, with Joy and with Love and with Hope.

Time moved on, carrying then further away and bringing later closer.

Time moved on, pushing the seasons along in front and leaving memories in its wake.

Time moved on, bringing scents and sounds, textures and tones, and pushing Life to action.

Love, Hope, Joy.

Time breathed and Life grew and in and with and through it all were Love, Hope and Joy.