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Dedication and Explanation

This story began in late July 2006 in response to a bored afternoon when the game of Babble we played was over too quickly, and follows the long tradition of oral storytelling by mamas and daddies everywhere. It is not great literature, but perhaps it will be entertaining and fun for folks. It is appropriate for all ages.

Although the chapters were originally told in real-time online, once summer was over and homework resumed in the evenings that didn't work so well. Now, they are written offline (which should minimize typos...) and uploaded directly to this website on a catch-as-catch-can basis.

On this site, the various chapters will be posted as they are written. Please be patient. Story telling and html writing are actually fairly low on this author's list of must do tasks...

Starting 1 Sept 2007, I am beginning to record the chapters as mp3 files -- in order, at a rate of about one per day (there are currently 105 chapters). I will also record the newest chapters as they are written. If you have trouble hearing or downloading the files, please let me know. I can be reached through the email address below. For those who may be curious about the who of the author of these tales, visit, my personal site for rants, raves and random thoughts.

Finally, a bit of legal stuff. While this work of love is freely offered to the Babble community via the Internet, remember that copyright is retained by the author. Please do not republish or make derivative works without the permission of stidmama. Permission is granted for individuals to print one copy of each chapter for personal use (such as reading to the family around the fire in the long winter nights). All other rights are retained by the author of this work.

I dedicate this work to Babblers and Children everywhere. May you have sweet dreams and a happy reality.

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