Storytime with Stidmama

The Family Tree

Note: the story begins in the autumn of the year 1042 in Babblonia.

Adam Babble, born in 970.
Married, village, to Ava Babble, born in 975, with

* Abram Adamson, born in 991.
* Peter Adamson, born in 993.
Married to Helena Peterswyf, born in 998, with
* Cathy Adamsdottir, born in 994.
* Tor Adamson, born in 996.
* Nancy Adamsdottir, born in 997.
Married, village, Adam Jensson.
* Gabe Adamson, born in 998.
* Gilly, born in 1000.
Married, village, to Paul Orphan, born in 995, with